Cutting Edge Fitness in Houston

Sculpt® Fitness is an exclusive and cutting edge “boutique” fitness studio with two locations in Houston; one in each of the River Oaks and Tanglewood areas.

Recognizing that one size does not fit all, and seeking to get away from the “big box” gyms, Heather Garrigus founded Sculpt Fitness in 2005. Heather’s goal was to create an environment where freedom of creativity reigned and where she was able to focus on her clients’ unique exercise needs.

Over the course of almost a decade, Sculpt Fitness grew from its humble beginnings in a small house, to multiple dedicated locations in Houston. However, despite Sculpt Fitness’ growth, it has always stayed true to its mission ~ providing clients with a one-of-a-kind workout environment and offering them exercise routines that work for their individual needs, goals, and body structures.

Keeping workouts fun, interesting and challenging has always been important to Heather and her elite team of hand-picked trainers. To that end, Sculpt Fitness has always strived to “mix it up” with the goal being to prevent boredom and plateaus. Introducing people to new modalities is something Sculpt loves to do and it is always in search of fun yet effective exercise “tools”. Although almost any trainer can provide a “killer workout”, the true challenge is always in weighing the risks versus benefits of any given exercise. Sculpt’s trainers strive to be “smart” with their exercises and they all share a common goal; achieving results without injuries. So, although some of Sculpt’s workouts are extremely challenging, our trainers are keenly aware of the importance of changing workout intensities during the week and allowing clients adequate rest and recovery in order to push their bodies harder during the more challenging workouts.

At Sculpt Fitness we like to keep our class sizes small, as that way we can still give our clients personalized attention. That is very difficult to do with 30 or 40 people in a class. Our “classes” are like getting small group training versus taking a traditional class. By doing this, we can easily keep tabs on who has what injury and who needs modifications. Education is also a big thing at Sculpt Fitness as all of our trainers are continually learning and going to seminars, conventions and doing in-house training. We know we can only take you so far if we don’t keep continuing to improve and learn more ourselves. We want to lead by example.

Is Sculpt Fitness for everyone?

No, but if you are interested in being in a more personalized atmosphere with trainers who know what your goals, dreams, and limitations are and willing to take you on that path of continual improvement, then you might be in the right place here. If you are looking for the quick fixes, fads, drill sergeants, bodybuilding competitions, and unsafe exercises, then we are not the place for you.

Making our clients feel welcome is very important to us at Sculpt. Equally as important to us is that they have a sense of belonging. Since most of our clients are busy professionals or parents who really have to plan and carve out time for their workouts, we strive to make their hour at our studios all about them. We want them to discover how an inside out approach to fitness can undo the desk and couch sitting, better than any gym membership card you’ve ever carried. A healthier stronger more energized you means getting the most out of life.

We would love to have you join us and we look forward to helping you begin or continue your fitness journey.